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siem reap Muslim Community Development Organization

Why is it important to educate a child?

The Siem Reap Muslim Community Development Organization (SRMCDO) is a small, grass-roots, not for-profit community organization. Founded in 2006 by a group of concerned community members, with the aim of alleviating the effects of poverty within their small community (of approximately 350 Islamic Cham Families). The SRMCDO is bases in the community of Stueng Thmey Village and Tonle Sap Lake floating Village, however endeavours to cater to all Islamic Chams in Cambodia.

This program aim to provide and improve the skills for the society. Siem Reap Muslim Community Development Organization (SRMCDO) instigates and implements the vocational training program for small children and adults in the purpose of providing them a better knowledge. Adolescents get additional skills at either computer or English to improve their chances of employment and improve their English communication skills such as speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Our goal in conducting this English training is to provide them good English skills, so they may continue their study in university or having sufficient English skills to apply for a good job and improve their quality. 


Since the SRMCDO established we have made an agreement with MUSLIM AID CAMBODIA (MAC) and oversea donors to become development partners in implementation of a project titled: "Vocational Training to the educated but unskilled youths: English Language and Computer skills". After this project has implemented we have seen that the students have gained the proper skill at either English and computer skill. With fully supported from Muslim Aid to run English and Computer training skills our students are able to communicate in English effectively. They also can use both internet and Microsoft office well. Some students can repair and set up computers. If compare to last few years ago, it is quite difference; they knew nothing about English language, computer and internet. They could not even speak English to foreigners, but now most of them could read, write and speak English very well. They use English as the way for their communication and for their daily works.

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The SRMCDO provides the following programs:

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