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When You Educate A Child, You Can Change Their Family Life

This program aims to send the potential students to a good school and a college by offering students’ profiles to sponsors oversea. The sponsors then will support the students by paying the tuition fees through SRMCDO. In return sponsored students have a duty to teach English language to students or  shared their knowledge of the English language learnt at ACE with those who are interested to learn English at the local community schools.  

We are unable to send all students to ACE because our budget is limited. A large number of students are sponsored by generous people/families abroad such as Belgium, France, Germany, Malaysia, Singapore and some tourists who visit Siem Reap Angkor Wat. Without them, we are slow in developing human resources and the result is the numbers of illiterate people are increasing and the community is slowly changed or developed.

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SRMCDO's Students Sponsorship Programs

University Sponsorship


Sponsor a University student’s tuition fee from around US$600 per year for 4 years. In return these students will become academic teacher, accountant, management and so on. this program will make new generation to become Muslim teachers  and help to improve our communities. 

Why We Sponsored Most Girls!


In Cambodia in order to pay for university fee, lots of poor student postpone their study to works for further education but not Girls, so most girls abandoned school after high school.

Become A Sponsor


You can choose university student or young adult for English program or you can choose to sponsor a child to cover all their schools fee.

University and School we trusted


For English programs we send them to a good quality school in Cambodian  (ACE)

For university we have more choice depend on what subjects the student want to be 

How Do I Sponsor a Child!


Just drop us an email, we will give you information about the student profiles.

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ACE interview one of our Sponsored students

One of The Many Touching Stories From Siem Reap

Heng Sokma’s job suits her smiling, gregarious nature. She loves meeting different people that come to the hospital where she works. She also enjoys phoning people all around the world to discuss medical insurance provisions for patients. She high level of English has enabled her to find an amazing job that suits her personality. It all happened because of a kind sponsor from Malaysia who helped Sokma with her dream to study English language and university.

In the ethnically Muslim village, Sokma lives with her foster grandmother in Siem Reap where she was looking for her further study, many children attended Islamic class and academic class but girls are mostly not encouraged to pursue a higher level of education especially at academic study, because the parents concepts are not comfortable and it is not appropriate for their daughters to sharing same classroom or even table with strange boys. On other hands, they think girls no need to study much due to even after graduated they are not allowing their daughter to work outside. For example, one of Sokma’s friends decided giving up her study early in order to get married and taking care the family. In the meantime, she needs to struggling earning money to support family from a small beef business at market.

Surprisingly, in Sokma village, hardly anyone speak English because they don’t think it is useful. Since the Siem Reap Muslim Community Development Organization (SRMCDO) has cooperated with the excellent Australian Centre of Education (ACE), and the SRMCDO first four students had been sponsored in 2007. In 2010, Sokma started university and she realized that English is much needed in her study, so later on she requested (SRMCDO) to propose sponsor who can sponsor her for English class. Alhamdulillah, one kind Malaysian family sponsored her study, not only for English school but also 4 years at university. She graduated Diploma in English at Australian Center For Education Siem Reap campus (ACE) also graduated her Bachelors Degree in Business Management faculty in late 2014.

Look back to the past, during her studies, she also do volunteering teacher at SRMCDO. She teaches kids English and put all the effort to changes parents’ conception that English is important in this century. She’s been teaching at SRMCDO for 7 years and she is one of the active members to help the communities. Nowadays, the SRMCDO has lots of English volunteer teachers. They teach younger generation, they share as much as they know and still doing to see the communities full human resource.

During her school time also, SRMCDO always checked up with her studies and reported to sponsor about her progressing. So far, after she graduated, she got a good job at a renowned hospital in Siem Reap as well as in Cambodia and Thailand. 

She is so thankful to SRMCDO to make her reach her goals and get a brighter future despite all the discouragements from her surroundings. Not only her alone, many sponsored students come from poor families through the SRMCDO.

Having studied at ACE gives an advantage in a highly competitive employment environment. Sokma had been chosen to work at a renowned hospital because of her good English, and of course, her beautiful smile!


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Established in the year 2006, SRMCDO is one of the eminent non-profit organisations engaged in providing a better future to the underprivileged students. We make efforts to reduce the miseries faced by the children in Cambodia. We all from sponsored students, we create new generation to become volunteer and help to improve their own community. 

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